Loan Processes

The process of applying for a loan under the ZADT funding is determined by the respective on-lending financial institutions and the terms and conditions may differ from one institution to another.

Step by step process showing a general guideline for applicants to the on-lending banks; 

*This applies to individual or corporate applicants;

  1. Determine your financing requirements by carrying out a strategic and financial analysis of your business and present the information in a logical structure or in a business plan format
  2. Prepare or seek assistance in the preparation of detailed historical financial records and future financial projections for your business
  3. Request a ZADT application form from one of the designated financial institutions and complete it in triplicate
  4. Submit your application forms together with the business plan write up that demonstrates the business linkage and benefits accruing to linked small holder farmers as well as the financial projections.

A strong and demonstrable link and benefits to smallholder farmers is necessary before an application can be considered for funding. Successful loan applicants will therefore be those who demonstrate a commitment to their business as evidenced by the extent of benefits accruing to smallholder farmers and the risk mitigatory measures in place.