Capacity Building

Since Inception the ZADT has been providing technical assistance to the various levels of actors participating in its disbursement model either directly or through its partner institutions. 

In addition to facilitating access to finance the new strategic focus requires ZADT to facilitate provision of technical assistance to both financial institutions and value chain actors. ZADT facilitates capacity building of both Financial Institutions and Value Chain Actors related to innovative provision of access to finance. While the targeted access to finance technical assistance is facilitated by ZADT, certain trainings may be outsourced or requested from partners with the expertise.

Disbursing Financial Institutions and Value Chain Actors

The ZADT has and continues to provide support to disbursing financial institutions to enable them to understand the ZADT facility including its terms and conditions. Capacity building in this regard has mainly targeted client facing staff of the disbursing financial institutions who deal with the facility.

Financial institutions have also been capacitated in areas which enhance their understanding and management of credit to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) particularly within the agricultural sector. Other topics covered include; opportunities in agricultural lending, real life applications of value chain models, risk management in value chain financing, gender in agricultural finance and enhancing value chain development. 

The ZADT will continue to mobilize resources for this activity as well as partnering with other organizations working in the same development space who are working for the uplifting of smallholder agriculture.