Qualifying Borrowers

Actors in all the agricultural value chains, with the exception of tobacco and cotton, are eligible to access funding from the ZADT. 

Eligible borrowers have been defined into categories. These include smallholder farmers, Agro Dealers, Traders, Transporters, Processors, Wholesalers, manufacturers and contracting companies.

SMALLHOLDER FARMER – Eligible smallholder farmers are those farmers that live in rural or communal areas of Zimbabwe.

AGRO-DEALER - The agro-dealer is often a community based retailer of various agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seed, implements, tools as well as grocery items. Smallholder farmers purchase some of their inputs and household needs from agro-dealers and they also sometimes sell their produce through the agro-dealers.

TRADER - The trader is the physical link between the smallholder farmer and the market. This value chain actor travels to smallholder farming areas where he/she buys produce for resale in urban or other rural areas.

TRANSPORTER - The transporter provides the means for moving a product or inputs from where they are grown, sold or manufactured to where they are consumed.

INPUT MANUFACTURERS - These manufacture agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, agricultural tools and equipment and others. They normally access the Fund under the Inputs Window. 

PROCESSORS - Processors buy produce from traders and/or directly from smallholder farmers for the purpose of adding value. The end product is sold to urban and rural consumers or even exported.

WHOLESALERS - Wholesalers are the intermediaries between the manufacturer of inputs and the agro-dealers. They buy stock from manufacturers in bulk and then re-sell to agro-dealers. Wholesalers may also purchase produce from farmers and or agro-dealers for trading.

CONTRACTING COMPANIES - The contracting company may be a limited liability company, a partnership or sole proprietor who contracts smallholder farmers so that they may produce a particular crop in return for inputs, cash and extension services. The contractor undertakes to purchase all or part of the smallholder farmer's produce.